Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Don't give up

In this proud land we grew up strong We were wanted all alongI was taught to fight, taught to winI never thought I could fail No fight left or so it seems I am a man whose dreams have all desertedI’ve changed my face, I’ve changed my nameBut no one wants you when you loseDon’t give up’cos you have friendsDon’t give upYou’re not beaten yetDon’t give upI know you can make it goodThough I saw it all aroundNever thought I could be affectedThought that we’d be the last to goIt is so strange the way things turnDrove the night toward my homeThe place that I was born, on the lakesideAs daylight broke, I saw the earthThe trees had burned down to the groundDon’t give upYou still have usDon’t give upWe don’t need much of anythingDon’t give up’cause somewhere there’s a placeWhere we belongRest your headYou worry too muchIt’s going to be alrightWhen times get roughYou can fall back on usDon’t give upPlease don’t give up’got to walk out of hereI can’t take anymoreGoing to stand on that bridgeKeep my eyes down belowWhatever may comeAnd whatever may goThat river’s flowingThat river’s flowingMoved on to another townTried hard to settle downFor every job, so many menSo many men no-one needsDon’t give up’cause you have friendsDon’t give upYou’re not the only oneDon’t give upNo reason to be ashamedDon’t give upYou still have usDon’t give up nowWe’re proud of who you areDon’t give upYou know it’s never been easyDon’t give up’cause I believe there’s a placeThere’s a place where we belong